It’s tough to find a genuine SEO company because there are SEO Linkbuilding scams, everywhere. But if you are asking us to give you a specific name for a SEO Linkbuilding company, certainly we won’t be able to tell you. However, keep in mind the following points to be aware of SEO Linkbuilding scams that many cheap SEO company apply, and you should completely avoid.

People consider the first page results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to be a genuine SEO Company. Therefore, they blindly trust them, entrust their website to them, although they may be a complete stranger, thinking that they’ve found the best SEO Company, and nothing will ever go wrong. But simply choosing a SEO service based solely on the sales pitch or high search engine ranking, rather than the actual work, often ruins business reputation because they aren’t the ones who imply genuine SEO Linkbuilding strategies.

Many of these so-called “affordable SEO Company” often turn out to be scammers, if you know how to spot them. Pay attention to these points to easily find out SEO Linkbuilding scams and take proper steps to avoid them.

Link Building Scam # 1 – Want Fixed Price for X Number of Links

Quality, rather than quantity, matters the most when building search engine rankings. So when a “cheap” SEO company promises to post X number of links (quantity) on a fixed price, then understand that it’s a SEO Linkbuilding scams. Just consider, how can they even fix a price before when they don’t even know anything about your business at all? There reason, of course, is that they want to make quick bucks by offering low quality, and mostly crap, SEO tactics and strategies.

Remember, when it comes to building search engine rankings, the price must not be the factor and certainly not depend upon number of links, but on the competitiveness of the keywords and quality links from relevant sites.

Link Building Scam # 2 – Will Get You on Page 1 of Google, Within a Month

If someone tells you they will get your site on Google’s first page, within a month, particularly for high competitive keyword, DON’T believe them. Nobody, not even a genuine SEO company can guarantee higher search engine rankings on Google’s first page, with a specified positioning 1st, 2nd, 3rd position and within a specified time such as a month.  A promise on the first page of Google, without subsequent investment of time, money, and manual effort, is nothing but a SEO scam. High search engine ranking for competitive keywords without significant investment of SEO efforts, not to mention thousands of dollars, isn’t possible. There are several factors that governs high ranking, like authorship, authority, credibility, and trust, which takes years to build.

Link Building Scam # 3 - Build Links through Ethical and Legitimate Ways

When a Link building company says, “We build links through genuine ways and following Google’s rules and guidelines,” don’t believe them, too. The very fact they are using Link building services to influence search ranking is against the rule. In fact, whenever you pay someone to put a link back to your website, it is considered as “paid link building”. Google hate paid linking practices to influence search engine rankings and consider this type of SEO tactic as Black Hat. However, Google will forgive a paid link as long as there is a “nofollow” attribute applied to the link.

But most link building company usually find a random forum, blog, or article directory, and submit links on off-topic sites to build a link back to your site. These article directories aren’t real directories, though. They are “link farms”.  At first, “link farms” may seem like a “business directory” containing long pages with business names and links, but they aren’t. Link building services submit links to these “Link farms” without using the “nofollow” attribute to trick Google into believing it’s a genuine backlink, and therefore, give it a vote. However, Google is smart and when they find list of link without a “nofollow” tag, they will consider it a Black Hat SEO technique, and therefore, blocks a site, completely.

Link Building Scam # 4 - Adding Links to a Bunch of Directories

Here’s how to spot Linkbuilding Scam and avoid it: Avoid SEO companies who consider submitting your site into bunch of directories as Linkbuilding. But the fact almost all directories - 99.9% to be exact – are junk, a favorite place for spammers. Anyway, you site won’t be submitted to any a directory. They will be more likely some kind of link farm that appears as a directory. Also and submission isn’t a guarantee for acceptance. Note that they won’t say ‘add’, only ‘submit’.

Link Building Scam # 5 - Article Submission Scam

This is another Linkbuilding scam most website owners get sucked into. Scammers often write low quality articles that add “zero” value to its readers and end up submission on link farm – not a real article directory! Article sites, itself, have been used for link building and guess what? Google have been hammering them.

Link Building Scam # 6 – SEO for Link Building Only

Don’t pour in money for SEO if all they want to do is build links. Most SEO has nothing to do with link building. In fact, link building is just a part of the whole SEO process. You still need to create quality content to add value to the readers. If they find your content is worth a share, they’ll automatically like, share, and tweet them. Likewise, link building is also a responsible task.

SEO companies need to figure out your target audience, visit where they hang around (relevant forums, blogs, and article directories), read each post and reply accordingly. This way, each comment and thread will actually add value to the discussion. This will ultimately make your link more valuable for readers, and they’ll visit your site, regularly.

Link Building Scam # 7 – Putting Resource Layer To Your Site

Don’t pay for anyone if they try to put link page, blogs, or any other sorts of resource layer to your site, ever. Since Google are dropping sites using normal link building methods, many scam SEO companies are turning towards unethical ways to add blogs, comments, threads, and links to site that has nothing to do with your site. For example, if your site is about ‘pool pumps’, but these scam SEO companies put links on sites or categories that specialize in, let’s say, ‘weight loss program.’

Not only it’s a hoax, but also a waste of your precious time, effort, and money. Most importantly, your site may get penalized for it if Google suspects the links are used only for search engine ranking and not to add value to readers. Google is rigid about this type of SEO Link building method and they keep off site using these methods. In fact, the process isn’t even maintained by real people – it’s an automated process.

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