Do you own a website and wonder how your website is faring on search engines? Are you worried about your website is not doing well on search engines results? SEO abbreviated for Search Engine Optimization is the answer to all your problems. SEO simply makes a website’s presence more refined and noticeable with its variety of tools and tasks.

Pursuing SEO for your website can be very fruitful. In 2005, a survey conducted by iCrossing, a search-marketing firm showed that search engines are popular tools for researching products and services before making a purchase online. And search engines have proved to be the best and efficient way for consumers and general public to research and gather information on various products, services and various other topics for different purposes. Another survey conducted by search engine consulting firm ‘’ showed that the website resulted in top 10 places in Google witnessed five times increase in website traffic in the first month. Proper SEO can help you handing your customers and visitors to your competitors easily. SEO can benefit you and visitors of your website tremendously when done right. A good SEO can help web searchers to be directed to your desired website increasing the traffic of the website. A good SEO takes time and consume as much time as you are willing to give it in a day.

If your business is dependent on your website or if it plays a crucial role on the success of your business then it is necessary for you to perform SEO on your website to make your sure your business is goes ahead, if not for a whole day, just an hour a day will help you  a lot.

Here I will provide you with a basic one hour a day plan for a week which is simple and prove effective for your SEO.

1.     Monday – Gather keyword data and use keyword data tools.

Keywords which you have used can sometimes be used by your competitors and can become repetitive or might become less effective. Give an hour of your time to research new keywords or phrases that can give your site that competitive edge when used. You can use keyword data tools like and Yahoo search marketing keyword selector. You can also go beyond that and look up your competitor’s site and also use easy sources like friends, family or your employees.

2.     Tuesday – Basic site optimization.

Always check your site if it needs optimization for better SEO results. You can always check and update the Meta tags or fix issues that need attention. You can also add pages to your site if there is a demand for it. Dedicating one hour everyday for basic site optimization will help your site become healthy and in best running conditions and will fight against the probable dangers.

3.     Wednesday – Checking and building links.

Make sure that all the links on your site are working fine and not broken. Spend one hour a day to search and building new links for your site. Create relationships with new reputable sites and build links with them. Make sure that all the links are alive and working. You can also check and update your internal linking on your site.

4.     Thursday – Updating your content.

Always keep your content full of information and updated. A user visiting your site will not be happy to find information that is stale, at time when your competitor’s site has information that is more updated and latest. You would not like to visit a site that gives you old and stale information about a product about when you have new and updated information. Be sure to keep yourself updated every day about the new trends or news about the contents and keep updating your content.

5.     Friday – Monitor and keep track of your sites visibility standings.

Monitoring and keeping a track of your sites standings on search engines can always help you to make necessary changes or improvements if needed to make the standings better. Using tools like can help you keep a track of your site. You can also use Google Analytic to monitor and keep track of your sites analytics, it will tell you about the words or phrases users have used to get to your site and from where the traffic is coming from.

Follow these simple steps to stay ahead of your competitors on your SEO campaign. SEO is a very open ended and time consuming process and the results will not always be immediate, so some may choose to get a consultant to help with the process. But sticking to your campaign will give you the desired results that you expected when you have started your campaign.

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