Online reputation is important to set yourself as an industry expert, rise higher in search engines, and become popular among people.

But no way does that mean you copy others, or lose your own sense of identity or voice to please other people. Some strategy will fascinate people, while others won’t. It’s just the way in every field – you’ll not always hit the bull’s eye and don’t feel bad about it.

Give your best shot and leave everything for your readers. See what excites people and use that key information to improve online user experience.

Here are few simple guides to establish your reputation online:

Know Your Audience

The first step towards building a strong online reputation is to figure out the people whom you’ll write for, whom you’ll offer your services and products, because after all, they’re the ones who will help provide a feedback whether you’re doing it right or going wrong.

So, before you even publish anything on your site, do an in-depth research on your target audience, their wants and needs, and think of ways how you can provide them exactly that.

Knowing your audience means looking at their buying behaviors, where they’re located, and what they are talking about.

Develop a Voice

Establishing a formidable online reputation requires you develop a unique voice and maintain it. Your readers and potential customers visit your site to read information you have published there and they want to learn more about you.

So, how would you like to present yourself to them? Friendly? Entertaining? Interesting? Insightful? Developing your own voice is crucial to establish a strong online reputation.

Dare to be Different

There are already million of blogs competing with each other for the same niche, or same set of topics, and following them is just like becoming one of them. Not only it will rob your freedom to share your unique skills and experience you bring on the table, but you’ll soon start to see yourself settling for mediocrity.

On the other hand, when you tend to be different from other people, you’ll naturally be yourself and original. This way, you’ll separate yourself from the crowd. People want different and honest opinions on things. Stand up and raise your voice and be heard! Be unique because no one can be like you.

Write Quality Content

Quality content means lot of things to different people. Quality content is well-written, solves a particular problem, and encourages people to do certain things. Make sure to include keywords at appropriate places to make it search engine friendly and make it easy to read. Proof read at least once before you publish.

Become an Industry Expert

If you want to establish a formidable reputation online, you’ll have to become expert at your niche, or aim to be one. Well, you cannot hope to get a industry expert by posting few blogs around general topics, or what others are usually writing about. You’ll have to cover each and every topic (it’s not a rule of thumb, but just a suggestion) so that you know about everything.

Publish helpful content, comment on queries, offer solutions, and engage your clients with fresh and unique content, once a while.


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