Most people today know a lot about building a strong online presence – they know how to setup websites, social media profiles, get customer feedback, and so on.

But merely building a strong “online presence” isn’t sufficient enough to guarantee success online. The tough part lies in defining your company’s brand to get as much people to know about you, your products and services.

Online branding is probably one of the best online marketing strategies that will help you establish as an industry expert.

So, simply setting up a website with static pages and filling up quick information on bunch of social media profiles will create a strong “online presence,” but not a brand!

Branding deals with more than simply making it easy for your visitors to find you on the Internet. Branding is all about creating a strong image of your business to make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are 5 pointers to consider when branding your business online:

1. Identify your “idea” or “target” audience.

2. Think about services your “target” audience may require once they land on your website.

3. Think about how you will improve their quality of life, or solve their pressing problems, or add value into their life?

4. On which aspect of your product and services will they likely offer their feedback on? You need to anticipate on which topics people may write positive/negative reviews about your product so you can tackle those issues efficiently when they arise later.

5. Now ask yourself, “Am I, or my company staff, available for customer support on our social media profiles?”

All of these questions will help know identify your business brand. In addition, you may also need someone to look after it, address people’s concerns on social profiles, before you setup your website and fill up social profiles.

If you find that your staffs are fully packed, you may need to contact a professional company and outsource your online brand management campaign to them.

So now that you know what your brand is and the person responsible to manage your online brand, its time you think about your website. Your website must be the focal point for both content as well as design.

The design element of your website, social profiles, and other High PR websites needs to be consistent. That means if your Facebook fan page is about “Smith’s Plugin Company,” it cannot be “Jane’s Plugin,” on LinkedIn. This will only confuse your customers.

In addition, your business logo and other design elements have to be same. In other words, everything has to represent a single brand.

Once all the design elements are taken care of, put all your energy to craft out helpful, informative, and niche-related content. The content that is on your business site and social profiles will help you drive to the front page of search engine results, and help you establish a strong impression among your prospective customers.

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