What makes one digital marketing campaign work than other?

Internet is one vast blank canvas where savvy PR people can exploit the media and cut through the noise to get their consumers listen to them.

We asked some of the most successful young entrepreneurs to share their favorite digital marketing campaigns so far and why they work.

Here are top 7 killer digital marketing campaigns 1. Nike’s Ad featuring Christiano Ronaldo

Recently, Nike created a new ad campaign with Christiano Ronaldo. The visuals were not only captivating, but the slow motion capture on Nike shoes went viral too. This ad campaign is a classic example of how deeply a company understands its products and consumers and use creative marketing strategies to grab their attention to rake in the profits.

2. Awareness Campaigns for the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef

Tourism Queensland, a travel and tour company, had to come up with a marketing campaign to bring awareness to the island. They were both limited with budget and time.

The solution - they devised a print and online media ad campaign with the title “The Best Job in the World,” inviting people to work in a tropical heaven, with heavy paychecks and no rent.

3. Old Spice Complete Re-branding – “I’m on a horse.”

Old Spice Brand did a complete re-branding of their product with the phrase “I’m on a horse,” which not only creating a social media buzz on Twitter, but also compelled people to create more buzz by making the company’s videos go viral.

4. Mercedes-Benz’s Sprinter Road Trip

Mercedes-Benzes customers were complaining that the Sprinter would not work proper during the winters. So, Mercedes decided to take a bunch of Sprinters on a 9-day road trip from Canada to Alaska (in temperatures below -40 degrees) just to prove their customers wrong.

This is a classic example of how much company is willing to stand by their brand.

5. Barrack Obama Campaign during the Election

While many people consider Obama’s run to the election be a controversial topic, but we cannot overlook his social media approach to drive more people to cast vote for him.

Obama’s campaign “Yes We Can,” campaign picked up a new marketing trend to discuss his run to the election by consistently interacting with his voters via his website, social media, and viral videos.

6. NY Fashion Week’s 360-degree Fashion Experience

This year, an emerging trend is setting into the world advertising – i.e. the meshing of online and offline businesses. In February 2013, the New York Fashion Week invited brands from both online and offline worlds to interact and immerse their clients to offer a complete new fashion experience.

7. Hunch.com Campaign with Infographics

Most Internet users have short attention span, but if you’re reading this far, you are not among them. Great! However, Infographics is a great way to present the most important parts of the content in an entertaining and eye-grabbing manner.

Hunch.com used Infographics on their website to help their consumers find out more about their likes, dislikes, and interests on wide range of topics. 

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