If you're starting an online business, you'll need to know these top 5 must-know online statistics to realize how powerful it can be to propel your business to the NEXT level, WITHIN months.

Is your business “all in” with online platforms like social media sites and video sharing site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube)? Well, if you’ve never been online, these interesting online facts about social media sites should change your mind.

Yes, social media and video sharing sites are the place where MOST people spend their time finding information, conduct business, promote their product and services, and catch up with latest news and trends. Not to mention, most online viewers watch YouTube videos than any cable channels (you’ll find it out later in this article).

Top 5 Must-Know Online Statistics

1. Facebook

Facebook has over 1.15 billion active users, making it the number 1 social media network in the Internet today. There are over 665 million daily active users on Facebook and for the first time in history, the monthly active users have surpassed the 1.1 billion figure.

What about mobile users?

Well, as of writing this article, there are more than 750 million people using Facebook using their mobile, and almost 190 million people use it through their mobile only.

In 2013, Facebook generated 30% of its revenues from ads, which is up from 23% from the year 2012!

2. YouTube

According to YouTube blog, YouTube is the BIGGEST online video sharing platform that receives more than 1 billion unique visits every month.

There are 6 billion hours of videos that are watched every month. It is considered that YouTube reaches young adults aged between 18 to 34 more than any other cable network out there.
3. Google+

Were you expecting Twitter on the #3 spot as it’s the youngest of all social media site.

Although I cannot give you a scientific proven answer for this, but I would rather give a rough idea why it have garnered the second spot, with 343 million active monthly users. Just during the last 6 months, Google+ reached the #2 spot, and it is NEVER showing any signs to stop there.

Google+ is the most popular thing on the Internet after Facebook, and MORE people are becoming curious as how to use its free services for higher search rankings. That is why for the past several months, my articles on Google+ have got more likes, shares, and re-tweets, and traffic than any other Facebook or Twitter articles I have written till date.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been a favorite place to get exposure to your business, and find high paying jobs online for many. If you do NOT have a site, simply open up a LinkedIn account, submit your details and portfolio, and start to get job opportunities you never thought you would get.

LinkedIn is a silent killer and boasts of having 238 million active users.

5. Twitter

Twitter slips to the 5th position this time, but still considered to be the most popular social media platform after Facebook. The reason of its popularity is because it acts as a bridge to fill gap between mass media and social media. For instance, popular television shows use Twitter to gain real time feedback/comments from users.

According to the study conducted by GlobalWebIndex, Twitter saw over 228 million monthly active users in 2013. The total number of registered users on Twitter is more than 500 million, and more people are registering, daily.

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