Besides a good brand name, there are other important things you need to consider to manage your online reputation. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 free tools to help manage other aspects of your online reputation

Why is online reputation so important for small business owners? Well, a strong reputation will help you attract new customers, keep those who are already these, and expand and grow your business.

While managing a business reputation in the “traditional” sense meant developing public relationship across different geographic regions, today online reputation has created another layer in the marketing process to make it easy for people to keep track what people are saying about them and take appropriate actions to deal with them as soon as possible.

If you do not have a way to know what people are talking about your brand on blogs and social profiles, then you should as most savvy small business owners do.

Here are 5 free tools to manage your online reputation:

Google Alerts

Here’s an extremely easy and convenient way to keep track of your brand mention on the Internet:

1.     Visit and fill up your company profile, and set up options how you’d like the results to be delivered.

2.     Next, narrow down your search query by including certain types of media, such as news, videos, or blogs.

3.     And then, have your results sent to you directly in your email or through feed reader. This way, you’ll get immediately receive an alert if someone mentions your brand on the Internet. How convenient!


If Google Alert is king on Google, TweetBeep is the Queen on Twitter. You can try TweetBeep absolutely free and get hourly updates of your brand mentions through Twitter posts.

TweetBeep looks for tweets that links back to your blog or site.

There’s also a premium version of TweetBeep for only $20/month that offer comprehensive alerts (almost 200 alerts!), and comes without any ads.

Social Mention

If you’re a popular brand, you probably get plenty of mentions online, including in social media sites.

Social Mention is social media search tool gathers content generated by users such as blogs, posts, status, tweets, pins, and shows you who is searching for you online and what they’re saying about you on the Internet.

It keeps track of more than 80 different social media properties, including Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.


If you’re using Internet to market your business, you probably have come across the term IFTTT, pronounced as “ift” as in “gift.” This online reputation tracking tool helps you with many things, automatically.

For example, you can connect different web apps like Facebook, Weather, Dropbox, and Evernote through the use of conditional statement known as “Recipes.”

You can either create or use recipes other people are using to get alerts. These recipes will help you get notifications, content backups, deals, and many other things.

Hyper Alerts

Hyper Alerts is another easy to use tool that will send an alert whenever something is mentioned about you and your business on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. You can customize the alert settings to send you notifications within minutes, or after every hour, day, or even weeks and months. What a smart way to manage your online reputation.

Tell us about you: which free tools do you use to manage your online reputation? How have they benefited your business? Please comment below. Thanks. 

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