What are the top 5 most sought after niches that you can build a site around and generate huge passive income?

Every day a new profitable niche pops up, but we’ve compiled a list of top 5 most sought after niches that will be beneficial for first-timers a well as industry veterans.

Here are our top 5 most sought after niches:

Payday Loans - Payday loans is a small loans market, which is growing in Australia, Canada, and the UK, not mentioning in the United States too. In 2008, Payday loan market was estimated to be worth between $800m and $1bn a year, but most experts think the true market value of this niche was much higher than this.

As the payday loan market is becoming more well-defined, many financial organizations as well as regulatory authorities are showing much closer interest.

Niche Insurance – Insurance market is important because every individuals and businesses needs protection against financial losses. Although insurance for life, travel, home, and automobile are easily obtainable, other types of insurance cover is very difficult to get.

For example event insurance, unusual professions and drivers with convictions niche needs special insurer who have in-depth understanding of these particular risks and who can offer policies that can be customized to fit the need.

Finance – It is very easy to enter into a finance niche, but making a long term career out of it requires a lot of patience, intelligence, and a thick-skinned psyche in order to succeed. There are plenty of positions in the financial niche, and if you can spend the next few years on learning all the tips, techniques, and smart methods of the principles of the financial world, you will find a profitable position that will be a good fit for you.

Real Estate – Finding profitable real estate opportunities out there and settling into a niche that you will enjoy writing about can be a lucrative strategy. Either you can become an expert on many phases of real estate, or you can narrow down your expertise in a niche market (sub-set of a broad market) and become an authority figure. We’ve seen a lot of real estate agents as well as brokers who have entered a very specific real estate niche to focus their energy to a particular geographical area, or sub-group of a consumer, or a type of property, and make a decent living.

Web Hosting – There are plenty of interesting niche in web hosting niche, such as cloud hosting, green hosting, Linux hosting, etc. And there is only handful of popular web hosting companies out there, such as Godaddy, BlueHost, HostGator who offer high quality web hosting services at a very affordable price.

It may be difficult at first to gain a large market share when the competition is so high in terms of price and services, nonetheless, you can focus on their weaknesses and capitalize on that limitation to make high ROI.

For example, although I preferred to host my site on HostGator, I found their web hosting package somewhat limiting as I could not subscribe on a monthly basis. After a quick search on WarriorForum, I found a reliable web hosting service that offered me UNLIMITED space, bandwidth, and domains at an affordable price and on a monthly basis. Superb!

Conclusion – Top 5 Most Sought After Niches

If you were thinking of starting a career in a popular niche and make a passive income so that you could retire early, consider one of the above top 5 most sought after niches before creating a website.

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