In order to offer a quick fix to your website to get it ranked at top in Google search or other search engines many SEO companies disregard the most common and smartest SEO practices. Moreover, like all quick fixes, these fixes do not last for long and leaves you looking for another SEO campaign. Forget about SEO companies that offer you quick fixes and other shortcuts and tricks to improve your websites ranking on search engines. Simply focus on improving your sites visibility online and reputation by blogging or through the use of social media, and creating unique and high quality content for the users.

Here are some of the best SEO practices that are to be followed for a best and reliable SEO.

  • Write your content focused on users rather than search engines. Content strategist can create best contents for your website that are more focused on the users rather than search engines. Users through blogs and social media will give out information about your website if the content is user focused and will increase your sites reputation and traffic.

  • Create information packed, interesting, and relevant content. The content of your site must be what a user is looking for and not simply what you want them to know. Users must want to read and share the content of your site, provide information that are true and what you are offering. Your aim must be in creating a good user experience.

  • Keep your content keyword rich. Proper use of keywords in your content can direct users directly to your website or a specific page on your site. It makes it easier for uses to find what they are looking for. Be sure to have a mix keyword rich content for both experienced users as well as new users.

  • Get involved in social media and review site. Social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter can help advertise and build your websites reputation and increase traffic and online visibility. Review sites also fortify your reputation and improve user engagement to your site. Make use of these resources.

  • Always use the social media connect button (follow us on Facebook, Twitter etc) and social media sharing button (share this article on Facebook, Google+ etc).

  • Encouraging citations and inbound links from reputable sites or blogs with whom you might have a relationship is a good way to increase search ranking and traffic of your website.

  • Make sure that your websites design, structure and maneuverability clean, clear and easy to access. This plays a vital role in helping your rankings. A cluttered and messy site is a headache for user and therefore is a very bad omen for sites.

  • Be very relevant in providing different pages for different information and link these pages accordingly. The home page is not the default landing page in search engines so create relevant pages for different pages for users’ easy engagement.

  • Many users of today access websites through mobile devices, so create a mobile friendly website if there is version as such.

  • Creation of a multi-lingual website is must for your website to increase the global reach of your business and website. A multi-lingual website will also help in increased traffic from foreign users.

  • In time correction of your mistakes having negative effects on the reputation of your website. Learn from your mistakes and that of your competitors and make necessary corrections on the content of your website and on social Medias.

  • Always measure and keep track of your websites performance and progress by having tracking programs in place and setting clear and rigid performance indicators.

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