If you have a business website, remember that it is subject to all types of reactions from all sorts of people from around the world – friends, families, colleagues, competitors, hackers, virus, etc.

Not to mention, it also opens up to those who wants to ride on your success. These people can make or break your online reputation in a matter of days.

They may post negative comments about you, or post unhelpful reviews about your product and services that may not even be true. They just want to see you come crashing down.

So, the most important question: why should you protect your online brand?

7 reasons why you should protect your online brand:

Reason#1: Protect Your Content from Internet Scrapers –

If you’re beginner in online marketing, and have recently setup a site/blog for your business, you need to protect your brand against programs that crawls through your site, known widely as “scrapers,” and steal your content.

As your content is stolen by these so-called Internet “scrapers,” your potential customers would have no clue if they’re on your site or someone else’s.

And that, my friend, would be a HUGE problem for you …

In today’s virtual world, these “scrapers” may be just one reason why it’s vital you protect your online brand.

Reason #2: Intellectual Property Theft –

With online hacking, cyber-squatting, domain hijacking, and content stealing – your personal/online brand is always under threat, and soon you may think if doing business online is really worth the effort.

Although MOST of these threats aren’t so serious, there are effective ways to deal with them. In fact, simply follow few precautions methods, and you’ll eliminate almost 95% of risk that may threaten your online business reputation.

Reason #3: You Do NOT Know How to Handle Negative Reviews -

Negative reviews and blog posts may have been written about your brand, which could damage your online profile. But bad reviews may also help provide legitimate feedback for your product and services.

So, instead of shying away from negative articles, reviews, and mentions, embrace them. Resolve the issue and turn it around into something positive.

If you’re a newbie on the internet, but don’t know how to respond appropriately to these bad reviews, you may have a tendency to skip this step. And before you can do anything about it, Google search engine robot will pick it up and display them on search result page.

Before this happens, you need to protect your online brand reputation.

Reason #4: You Haven’t Protected Your Copyright -

If you’ve just set up a site or a blog, chances are that you haven’t put a clear and prominent copyright notice on every page, or any other documents (PDFs, MSWord, Excel) you may have published online.

To be sure, do a quick Google search using keyword phrases that you’ve used on your site and see the search results.

If similar content pops up, scan through to see if someone has copied your content. Sometimes a JV partner may have used your documents, and that would not be a problem.

However, if you see other is using your documents, it’s time that you protect your content by sending out an email requesting to remove the page, and if they refuse, hire a legal advisor to take legal action against them.

5. Your Brand Is Everything

In business world, your personal brand image is everything. So you want to do everything to protect it. Your business name, its logo, all your products and services that you’ve spend numerous hours developing and promoting needs to be protected.

You may have to hire a legal advisor to establish your business as a formal entity through copyrighting, patenting, and trade marking procedures so that you and your business is safe from potential threats.

Reason #6: Your Competitors May Use Deceptive Search Advertising

Your competitors may try to exploit your brand name to make profits. They pay for PPC advertisement on search engines and display it whenever someone searches for your brand name.

This will NOT only take away influx of traffic to their site, but it also confuses your customers. If you’ve seen such ads on search engine results, then it’s high time you need to protect your online brand reputation.

Reason #7: If You Don’t Protect Your Online Properties, Someone Else Will

As obvious as it may sound, if you do not protect all your online properties, then someone else will come along and set up a profile using your brand name. As a result, anyone can leave a bad review, or a negative comment, or post anything they want to destroy your brand as you will not have any control over these profiles.

There’s a high probability that your online brand could be in trouble.

So, if you haven’t protected all your online properties, particularly if you’re a newbie on the net, the next big thing you must do is take steps to protect your brand.

Contact us to protect your online brand, once and for all.

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