When it comes to online reputation management, we often talk about different tips, strategies, insights – actions that may help you boost your online reputation and increase your branded SERP.

Essentially, successful online reputation management is all about being active, doing something, taking action, and getting things done.

And if you don’t take actions, it’s easy to lose your online presence very soon.

Plus, making mistakes offline (real life) from “bad behavior” or “poor service” may be fatal but this negative experience will likely be contained within a small geographical area. For example, you can always move to a new area and start it all over again.

But on the internet? Well, not so much!

On the internet, your reach is much GREATER, and as a result, the likelihood of your reputation being damaged is exponentially HIGHER.

Heard of the old saying, “What goes on the net stays on the net?”

Here are 5 actions you can take to STOP killing your online reputation.

1. STOP Spamming People

If you’re in a business looking for quick results, you may be tempted to send out too many messages to your current or potential customers. Without building trust and relationships with your customers at first, you just can’t send sales-pitch with links to your products. They’ll be called spams and people simply don’t like them.

If this sounds like your business, we highly recommend that you STOP spamming people with text messages and learn about “permission marketing” first.

2. STOP Posting Inappropriate Content

Next time you post any content, make sure you check, and double check it to see if it contains anything you may regret later because you simply can’t DELETE your online activity.

Even though you may hit the delete button, your comments, pictures, and posts will still be there, stored forever in “Internet cache system.” If you don’t know what cache means, trust me on this – your content is still there hidden in the mystical land of the internet and people will find them, eventually.

So the best thing to STOP killing online reputation is to NOT post anything that you wouldn’t want your mom to see. It’s that simple!

3. Do Keep Track of Yourself, Online

Have you Googled lately about your business?

Depending upon on active you are online, there could be pages of your branded SERP.

If you’re planning to use online communications to enhance your online business reputation, then you also need to know how your reputation looks like to other people on the internet.

So, Googling about you or your business could be the best way to see how your online presence is been judged by other people.

For better results, use social media marketing dashboard in order to monitor real-time engagement with your clients. A good dashboard will give you information about what your clients think about you and your products, and give you the ability to respond to questions, queries, and comments immediately to engage the, try to fix issues, and even thank for their time valuable feedback.

4. STOP Being Negative

Naturally, people often tend to be negative when something bad happens.

When something goes wrong, it’s easy to complain and whine about things instead of dealing them with a positive attitude.

On the internet, you’ll be perceived by your attitude which is shaped by what you choose to put there.

But that doesn’t mean you can NOT publish controversial stuffs online, but how you choose to explain them online will determine whether your readers will interpret them as interesting or simply annoying.

But the bottom line still remains – be inquisitive and be MORE positive. 

5. STOP Rambling About ONLY Yourself

Setting up a site, blog, and social media accounts is all about “engagement.”

Engagement is a conversation!

Have you tried to have a conversation with someone before who ONLY liked to talk about themselves? At the end, you did excuse yourself politely, right?

We know that there’s nothing MORE interesting in the world than you or what you have to say, but keep in mind that your friends, followers, and subscribers have even MORE interesting things to say back to you – their feedback.

So, if you keep on rambling without engaging your readers, do you know what they’ll do – they’ll simply STOP reading and NEVER come back. If you aren’t very good at attracting their attention, you’re losing the BIG game.

The rule of thumb is to get their attention first, and they may pay attention to what you have to sell to them. Got it?

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